The Good Old Days

Those could have been the good old days:

Cheap Bleach on your hair

We got deep, warm, drunk,

In summertime,

Below the trembling moon as the stars unfurled.

We wrote our names out on the sidewalk,

Something rare was going on,

The world was never going to end.

We did what we could,

While the world waited for an explosion,

With a wink and a wave.

So that’s when we went,

All the way,

heading westwards towards the Sun,

To California,

Where no policeman walks the beat,

Where Hollywood lay, piled up to the sky.

We went fast. We were free,

And we did our best,

Once we contracted American dreams.

Everything we always wanted.

Well, you know,

It just burns me to remember.

Watching you while we dreamt.


Found poem from a Genius playlist of Eels’ The Good Old Days