Year of a Hundred books – #11 Piercing

PiercingPiercing, by Ryu Murakami


I honestly don’t know what drove me to pick this up. The blurbs compare it to J.G.Ballard and David Lynch, both of whom’s work has always seemed a bit too… weird, for me to want to experience. The same can definitely be said for Piercing.
I suppose in essence it’s an exploration of the effects of childhood abuse, as both of the main characters are survivors. But beyond that, it’s a dark and disturbing story about a plan to commit and get away with murder. Not my sort of thing at all, and while I didn’t quite feel as scarred by this as I did by Lolita, it wasn’t exactly pleasant to read.
It’s quite a short book, and the translation seems good, especially considering the vast difference between English and Japanese. Though it did get me wondering about the conventions of Japanese name order in English language translation,  but I suppose preserving it would have disrupted the flow somewhat.
Piercing was well written and well crafted, much in the way the murder plot it depicts is, and it was interesting for a change, but I think I’ll avoid Ryu Murakami in future. I’m just too sensitive to cope with books like this.

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