Review: Almost English

Finally, I’m returning to reviews (even though I read this over a month ago, I’ve only had time to finish it this morning!), as life begins to return to normal for me.

Almost EnglishAlmost English – Charlotte Mendelson


Almost English was Longlisted for the Booker Prize, but didn’t make the short list, and frankly I’m glad of that. In fact, I’m not convinced it deserved being nominated at all, as it’s easily the least enjoyable of the nominees I have read. Set in 1980s London, the overall point of the story is to show the struggle of the protagonist, Marina, at presenting herself as a normal English girl and concealing the truth of her identity, that she is actually half Hungarian and lives with her very out of touch grandmother and great aunts.

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Forward to the Future

So, this post has come about a month after I had wanted to actually publish it, but never mind! The last year of reading was very fulfilling, and though at times I was quite stressed by the looming deadline, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, primarily because it actually made me sit down and read books, rather than spending most of my time on other less worthwhile pursuits.

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Prizes Aplenty: 2013’s Nobel and Booker Prizes discussed

I’m rather frustrated that possibly the two biggest news stories in the literary world happened at practically the same time, at a time I’m unable to get online to comment on the results. Nonetheless, I’m going to weigh-in (rather belatedly I admit) with my thoughts on the winners.

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A Rather More Circumspect Summary

Apologies for the delay in posting this update. I’m working a lot of extra hours at the moment, and on top of that we’re in the middle of moving flat, so I don’t have much access to the internet. Posts are going to be a little patchy for the rest of the month, but hopefully things should even out by the middle of November.

So a couple of weeks ago, I posted my statistical analysis of the past year’s worth of books, and promised that the more traditional “Which books did I like and hate?” post would come later on in the week. I think you can see where this is going…

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